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whistler townhouse  ski-in/ski-outWhistler townhouses are perfect for someone who is wanting to purchase a home but isn't quite ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a detached home. Find the latest real estate open houses for Whistler townhouses. Openhouse in BC will provide detailed information for Whistler townhouses BC. Whistler is a desired place to live which makes any type of property here a valuable investment. Many Whistler townhouses offer ski-in ski-out locations that are updated and usually have private hot tubs. Whistler, BC is a desirable place to live because all that it has to offer, which is why the property in Whistler continues to be a valuable investment. Use our quick Whistler open house search (to the right), use the map or property list search below to find all of Whistler's latest openhouses:


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Advantages of Owning Whistler Townhouses


whistler townhouses Owning a Whistler townhouse has many advantages, other then the obvious reason of living in the #1 ski resort in North America. If you are not quite ready to the commitment of purchasing a detached home, then a townhouse could be perfect for you. Generally Whistler townhouses are more affordable then a detached house. Also instead of being solely responsible of the upkeep, you pay a maintenance fee to the strata that generally takes care of the common grounds, mowing your lawn and is used for any major repairs that need to be done. Another major bonus that comes with most Whistler townhouses is snow removal, so you are not in charge of shovelling your driveway which is a huge bonus in a place that snows as much as this winter paradise.


Open House in BC - Whistler Townhouses


According to Landcor Data Corporation's 2010 Whistler Report, there are currently 3,354 Whistler townhouses. Since the year 2000, townhouses have produced 2,355 sales. The most sales were in 1989 with 460 Whistler townhouses being sold. In 2009, 204 townhouses were sold. The largest Whistler townhouse is 3,464 sq/ft and assessed at $2,397,000. The smallest is 362 sq/ft and worth $177,100. The highest sale price was in 2009 at the price of 2.6 million. Visit Whistler openhouses to find the perfect Whistler townhouse that works for you.


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