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luxury real estateToday, a luxury home is defined as more then just big or expensive. Today's definition of luxury includes personal preference. It expresses your personal taste, individual lifestyle and your choices. Whether this choice is to own a mountain retreat or a perfect summer get-away, Whistler Real estate offers some of North America’s high-end luxury real estate properties. Find the latest Luxury real estate property. Openhouse in BC provides detailed information, photos and video for Whistler Real Estate. Whistler, BC is a world-class ski resort known for all of the activities it has to offer , the endless natural beauty views and it’s high end shopping and dining. If you are looking for luxury real estate then you have come to the right place. Whistler real estate has everything that a luxury property has to offer, including the location, entertainment capability, lovely grounds and views and unique architecture and decor. To browse the exceptional luxury real estate in Whistler, use our open house search (to the right), the map or property list search below to find all of Whistler's latest openhouses:


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Whistler Real Estate Open Houses


whistler real estate Luxury real estate isn’t just based on location or architectural importance. It also includes one’s perspective and preference. One persons simple home may be another person’s dream home. One thing luxury real estate does not include is cookie cutter homes. The reason being is due to the lack of originality and possibly the desire of location. Whistler Real Estate doesn’t have many cookie cutter subdivisions. Of course some homes resemble others but for the most part you can find uniqueness in each home. Some give you the cabin feel, while others are modernly updated. The one thing they all provide are spectacular views and an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities that Whistler has to offer. A great way to find the luxury home that suits your personal taste is by visiting as many Whistler open houses that you can. Before you know it you will be living in your very own luxury dream home.


Luxury Green Whistler Homes


One of the things that makes Whistler luxury real estate stand out from other Luxury homes around the world, is the environmental trend that it has become a part of. The well known ski resort continues to grow with more people causing new developments to be built. With the local communities concerns about sustaining and protecting the environment, there is a “green” approach to building these new developments. Some examples of how environmentally friendly Whistler real estate are the houses found in Whistler Cay have been built with “intelligent air” systems that keep the air fresh and indoor temperatures optimal. It is also one of the first homes in Canada that will monitor, regulate and report on the air quality indoors and energy efficiency through technology. A lot of homes in Whistler are built to the Passive House Standard that require 80% to 90% less energy for cooling and heating compared to the average Canadian home. This is accomplished through airtight construction, a heat recovery ventilation system and super insulation. These are just a few of the examples of how buying Whistler luxury real estate allows you to live in your dream home and be environmentally friendly in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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