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whistler Whistler condos are mainly located footsteps away from restaurants, the ski-lifts, renowned shops and the amazing nightlife of the village for you to enjoy. When purchasing Whistler condos you are not just buying a condo, you are buying into a winter wonderland that can be yours to experience year round. Find the latest Whistler condo open house. Openhouse in BC has detailed information, photos, and videos on Whistler condos. If you are buying Whistler condos for an investment then you have chosen the perfect place. With approximately two million visitors every year, from all over the world, you will have no troubles renting out your condo. In the end your investment will be paying itself off. Many Whistler condos are privately owned, but are taken care of by amazing property management companies. Some are managed by hotels and located within hotel owned buildings. It is a great feature to have a property management company tend to your condo if you are unable to. To check out the latest Whistler condo openhouse, try our fast Whistler open house search (to the right), use the map or property list search below:


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Advantages of Owning Whistler Condos


whistler condosThe advantages of owning Whistler condos are endless. Aside from having the greatest backyard that includes Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, most Whistler condos come equipped with fabulous amenities. Visit a Whistler condo openhouse to check out what each one has to offer. Some amenities that may be included for your use are a swimming pool, gym, hot tubs as well as tennis courts. These amenities are something that you might not afford on your own. Whistler condos range in price but generally have a lower range that is suitable for first time buyers and singles who may find detached homes unaffordable. Whistler condos are low maintenance because they do not have a driveway for you to shovel, a lawn to mow and if you have a problem with your plumbing or roof, someone else is responsible for taking care of it. A main feature of Whistler condo living that people prefer is the security. Having neighbors so close helps you feel at ease when you leave for a long period of time. Also Whistler condos have security features like buzzers or in some cases a guard service. With a backyard like Whistler and the amenties, low maintenance and security that Whistler condos have to offer, you will feel like everyday is a holiday.

Open House in BC - Whistler Condos


Landcor Data Corporation's 2010 Whistler Report show that there are 6,244 Whistler condos. There have been 4,738 condo sales since the year 2000. In 2009, Whistler condos ranged between $78,000 to $3.475 million in sales. There were a total of 202 Whistler condos sold that year. The largest condo is sized at 3,075 sq/ft and worth $983,000. The smallest is 319 sq/ft and assessed at $126,300. The year with the most Whistler condos sales was 1997. The highest dollar value was in 2004 and the highest average sales price was in 2005. Visit a Whistler condo openhouse to benefit from all of the advantages that Whistler condos have to offer.


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