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vancouver townhousesVancouver is one of the few cities in the world that can brag about their amazing geographical location. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, mountains, rivers, forest and lakes, there are endless outdoor activities to experience and enjoy. Buying Vancouver real estate is a great place to start. If you aren't ready for the commitment of a house, then Vancouver townhouses could be perfect for you. Find the latest real estate Vancouver open house for townhouses. Openhouse in BC provides detailed information for Vancouver townhouses BC. When you purchase Vancouver townhouses, you are buying a piece of everything the outdoors of Vancouver has to offer. For a great lifestyle choice and a sound property investment, look into a Vancouver open house today. Test out our quick Vancouver open house search (to the right), use the map or property list search below to find all of Vancouver's latest openhouses:


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Advantages of Owning Vancouver Townhouses


vancouver open houseIf you like the idea of owning your own space, but not so much having to take care of the exterior maintenance, then Vancouver townhouses are perfect for you. Another factor is having neighbors with shared walls brings a higher level of security. You can enjoy this without having the annoyance of somebody living above or below you. As a bonus, some Vancouver townhouses come with additional amenities such as a community gym, pool, playgrounds, etc. A great feature that comes with townhouses are the green spaces that are provided. It usually isn't as big as a backyard that comes with a detached house, but it is in a form of a small backyard that is yours to with as you choose. You can make a garden or build a patio. Buying a townhouse allows you to own a piece of Vancouver without the huge responsibility that comes with owning a detached house. Visit a Vancouver open house to view townhouses that suit your needs.


Open House in BC - Vancouver Townhouses


According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, the estimated sale price of townhouses in all of Greater Vancouver was $511,499 in December 2011. This is up by 4.2% from last years estimated sale price. There were a total of 32 attached homes listed in Vancouver East and Vancouver West. There were 46 sales in those areas for attached homes. In North Vancouver and West Vancouver there were a total of 15 listed and 17 sales. Visit a Vancouver open house to find the perfect Vancouver townhouse that works for you.



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