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vancouver landVancouver is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, which may be the reason the real estate in Vancouver has been one of the only investments that has kept up with or has passed the inflation. Investing in Vancouver land is one of the most reliable and safe methods for creating and retaining wealth. Openhouse in BC will help you find land for sale in Vancouver. Search for Vancouver land. It is a great long term investment that will appreciate over time. There may not be a lot of land for sale right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, but you can find Vancouver land in the surrounding parts of the city. Another way of looking for Vancouver land is searching for homes that are being sold as a tear down property. In a city like Vancouver, it is the land that holds the value, not the structure. It is a great way of buying land for sale and owning a piece of Vancouver land without having to decide right a way what you want to do with it. Either route you choose, you know it is a sound investment that will only appreciate with time. Use our fast Vancouver open house search (to the right), use the map or property list search below to find all of Vancouver's latest vacant land for sale:


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Advantages of Buying Vancouver Land


land for saleeVancouver land is an asset that will remain in demand for the next couple of decades. Investing in land today is a better decision rather then waiting for it to go up in price at a later date and therefore brining lower returns. Buying land for sale is a low risk with a high return. Other then the gained wealth of buying Vancouver land, advantages also include the low cost compared to properties that are already built up. It is also the one real estate product that has the most flexible options. You are given the choice of size, dimensions, and value of Vancouver land that you would like to buy. You also have the choice what you would like to do with the land you purchase. Vancouver land could be used for commercial use, agricultural, or residential. After obtaining the right permits and choosing the right area, anything could be built and developed into what you choose for it. Also if the market isn't a good time for building you can just sit on the Vancouver land and let it appreciate on it's own over time. When there is land for sale, the opportunities are endless.


Stats on Vancouver Land Area


According to Metro Vancouver's 2006 Generalized Land Use by Municipality, 53,619 (ha) of Vancouver land was used for Agricultural. 2,961 (ha) was used for commercial use, and 6,429 (ha) was used for Industrial purposes. A total of 41,097 ha was used for residential purposes, including Townhouses, single detached & Duplex, Rural, Low-rise apartments, high-rise apartments and Commercial/Mixed. 25,960 (ha) of land was open and undeveloped. After Vancouver welcomed the world for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the real estate market seems to be holding steady, making it a great time to buy any land for sale while it is still a buyer's market.



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