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vancouver homesBritish Columbia is building their confidence back, while making a strong and stable recovery in the real estate market in 2013. Vancouver is setting a strong example of this recovery, making it a great time to invest into Vancouver property. Why not start with Vancouver homes? For yourself or as an investment. Find the latest openhouse in Vancouver. Openhouse in BC provides detailed information, photos, & videos for Vancouver homes. Visiting openhouses for Vancouver homes will display the alluring, natural views of British Columbia. Enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean, North Shore Mountains or a breathtaking green space that features local ancient forests. Check out our fast Vancouver homes openhouse search (to the right), use the map or property list search below to find all of Vancouver's latest openhouses:


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Advantages of Owning Vancouver Homes


vancouver homes openhouseWhen buying Vancouver homes, you aren't just investing into the house itself, you are investing into the outdoor surroundings and everything Vancouver has to offer. Fresh Mountain air, walking trails through majestic forests where the trees seem to grow on forever, enjoying the ever changing ocean views and so much more. These are only a few advantages of buying Vancouver homes. When buying a detached house you are buying independence. You have no shared walls with neighbors, which means you have nobody to complain about you being too loud or being able to hear you walk in your house. If you want to add onto your home then with the right permit you can build an addition. It might be a new bathroom, living room or an entire floor. Buying a Vancouver house ensures that you have a parking spot for your vehicle which means no searching for a place on the road and in some cases avoiding the high parking meter fees. Check out the latest openhouses for Vancouver homes to see if a detached home is right for you.


Open House in BC - Vancouver Homes


According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, the estimated sale price of homes in all of Greater Vancouver was $887,471 in December 2011. This is up by 11.2% from last years estimated sale price. There were a total of 164 detached homes listed in Vancouver East and Vancouver West. Out of those, 157 were sold. In North Vancouver and West Vancouver there were a total of 67 listed and 91 sold. The housing market is clearly making a strong comeback, giving people a prime opportunity to buy their dream home in the city that has everything to offer. Visit Vancouver openhouses to learn more.



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