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vancouver developmentsVancouver developments and Vancouver presales include condos, townhouses, single family detached homes and mixed-use residential housing developments. Most developers sell their projects through discount brokers or through Sale by Owner. Find openhouses for Vancouver developments. Detailed information on presale real estate, photos & videos for Vancouver Developments. The Vancouver Charter defines development as, "a change in the use of any land or building, or the carrying-out of any construction, engineering or other operations in, on, over, or under land, or land covered by water.”

In the Vancouver Real Estate market, up and coming locations are showing signs of developing as great bargain areas. Along with the baby boomers that are looking to retire, there are a high number of first time buyers under the age of 25 ready to join the real estate market with the other working professional and young families. Buying Vancouver developments is a great way to enjoy everything this city has to offer and being the first to live in your home and make it your own. When you buy Vancouver presales, you aren't only investing into your future, you get to help in the building process along the way. Use our Vancouver developments openhouse search (to the right), or to find all of Vancouver's latest openhouses, try the map or property list search below :


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Benefits of Buying Vancouver Presales


vancouver presalesOne of the greatest advantages of buying a Vancouver presale is choice. As a potential owner, you can help create the design, layout and decoration of the development. You have choice over luxurious upgrades that can help with the resale value and will be cheaper then remodelling your home in the future. When buying a Vancouver presale, materials and fixtures that you have control over usually include: counters, cabinets, kitchen islands, floors, entrance ways, bathtubs and showers, fireplaces and carpeting. You could even choose to have built-in speakers or pre installed wiring. If you aren't a handy person or you don't have much time, then a move in ready home would interest you, making a newly built home perfect, where you don't need to do any work. Vancouver developments come with a brand-new roof, appliances, furnace and other operating systems. Most importantly, a Vancouver presale comes with a builder's warranty.


Vancouver Developments


Over the past decade, the types of Vancouver developments have continued to evolve. There is an increase of multi-unit developments which help provide a better use of land and lowers per unit housing costs. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) report, there were 82,588 housing starts from the period of 2006 -2010. In the Greater Vancouver Regional District, 43% were ground-oriented units and 57% were apartment units. During this 5 year time line, ground-oriented developments averaged 7,101 units and apartment developments averaged 9,417 units. 24% of the housing developments were in the Vancouver area.



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