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open houses vancouverVancouver is the 3rd largest city in Canada and has a lot to offer, including well-defined neighborhoods. The city offers a multicultural vibe that offers an abundance of restaurants, shops and markets. Vancouver condos are built in all areas of this diverse culture. Artist and galleries tend to flock to this city for it's inspirational natural beauty and incomparable views. Search for Vancouver condos and find recent open houses in Vancouver. Openhouse in BC provides detailed information for Vancouver condos. Browse through the unique neighborhoods that are within and around Vancouver to find which community you will feel at home in. Vancouver condos offer amazing views of the ocean, mountains, forest and city life. With the unimaginable views and the eccentric communities, growing open houses in Vancouver will enjoyable and interesting. There is something for everyone when it comes to Vancouver condos. Use our quick open house search (to the right), use the map search or property list search below to find all of the latest open houses in Vancouver:


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Pros of Owning Vancouver Condos


vancouver real estateOne of the greatest features about buying Vancouver condos is that you are in walking distance to almost everything you need. This may include restaurants, a grocery store, malls, liquor store, bars etc. In most cases you will find that you won't even need a car at all which helps save on gas and insurance for you, and makes it a greener environment for the earth. If you find you do need to get somewhere that might not be in walking distance, there is always great public transportation like the bus or the skytrain. Vancouver condos are made for everyone in any situation. If you are single, then you are in a great place to meet new people. Or maybe you are older and your children have moved out, a condo gives you a perfect amount of space with less maintenance. It is also a great way to make your retirement money last longer so that you can enjoy more of what the community has to offer. Also if you are someone who likes to travel, Vancouver condos will let you travel with the security of close by neighbors to watch over your things while you are away. Also some condos have their own security guards on duty or security cameras installed. Visit open houses Vancouver to see what Vancouver condos has to offer you.


Statistics on Vancouver Condos


The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Report for December 2011, showed that the estimated sale price of Vancouver condos was $401,396. This is from last years est. sale price by 3.7%. The highest estimated sale price was in the area of West Vancouver at $653,804. That is a huge jump from the 2nd highest, which was Vancouver West end, at $519,474. North Vancouver's was $387,754 and Vancouver East was $349,640. Buying Vancouver condos is a great way of being a part of this diverse community, allowing you to own a part of Vancouver without having to buy a detached house. For more information, contact us for open houses in Vancouver.



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