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Fraser Valley Developments - Buying Pre Sale


fraser valley homes Prior sales of developments are called “pre-sales”. This is where a buyer agrees (by contract) to purchase a home once it is completed, and the developer agrees to sell a property (or unit) before the building is completely constructed, and ready to live in. Developers prefer to sell off property well in advance construction being completed, to avoid the cost of being stuck with vacant units.

In most cases, when buying presale you can negotiate a discount from the price that will be set when construction is complete. Usually, you will purchase a contract to own the property by placing a deposit. Once you have a signed contract on a set price, you may have the option to sell your assigned property to another person at a profit, before construction completes – making pre-sales attractive to real estate investors.

Buying a property before it is built allows you to have input on the final configuration and interior design of the home, without needing to hire an independent architect. Also, you can choose a better location in development area, such as a corner lot, or a top floor penthouse with a view. In real estate, location is everything - the same applies to developments and pre sales.

Fraser Valley Pre Sale - BC Real Estate


A presale contract usually allows you to assign it to someone else. If you settle for a good price in your contract and the real estate market rises, you can profit by selling your contract to another person for a higher price. Presales are a good investment, when enough research is done on location and market conditions.

Openhouse in BC allows you to browse through interactive videos and large pictures of upcoming Fraser Valley openhouses. We keep you updated on the latest Fraser Valley open house listings, giving key information on the best properties Fraser Valley has to offer.


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